Intelligent RoboCall Blocking

RoboCall Blocking

RoboCalls and SPAM Telemarketing calls are becoming an ever increasing problem for businesses as they are an unnecessary distraction. These calls pull employees away from important tasks, wasting their time and costing companies money in the process.

Reputation scores

Every incoming call to our system generates a lookup in our CNAM database to gather the CallerID Name and Reputation score of the calling party. The Reputation score provides an indication of the "spaminess" of a caller, such as on telemarketing and robocalls. Reputation scores are based on anonymous and aggregated community data, updated in real-time, and are based on automated algorithms, as well as manual reviews and intervention.

Potential Spam

Every call's Reputation score is compared to our threshold values and either blocked as spam, tagged as "Potential Spam" or processed as a standard phone call. In general our system is able to identify and block just over 80% of spam/robocalls and tag an additional 10% as "Potential Spam".