• Network Services
    RFCnet specializes in providing manageable
    solutions tailored to your
    business needs.

RFCnet specializes in providing manageable solutions tailored to your business needs. Our experienced team of technicians can fulfill all of your company's networking needs, ranging from network analysis, infrastructure planning, WAN and LAN applications, or full system migration.


With each consulting engagement, we take a business-centric approach, working closely with your staff to align people, process, and technology with corporate objectives. By combining our comprehensive infrastructure and application expertise with best practices and proven processes, we are able to deliver consistent and results that help improve your business operations.

Installation and Service

Computer network support and management specialists, RFCnet provides computer networking services, that include network installation services.

RFCnet focuses on a core set of competencies in order to provide the highest level of service at the most affordable rates possible:

Desktop Installation and Management 
Server System Installation and Management 
Wired and Wireless Network Install and Management 
Security Services (such as firewall install and mgt.) 
Firewall / VPN installations and management 
Backup Solution installation and configuration 
Disaster Recovery Planning 
Virus Protection Installation and Management 
Spam Protection Services 
Spyware/Adware Removal and Protection 
Equipment sales

Ready to setup or upgrade your network? RFCnet will give you the best deals on computers, routers, software, peripherals and anything else you will need to get your systems up and running to your specifications.

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Network Services

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