A few words from our business founders.

RFCnet is a regionally based Business VoIP and Internet Service Provider with operations primarily focused in several select metropolitan areas. By focusing our resources in these select regions we are able to leverage our buying power with carriers and provide lower rates to our customers. In most cases we can provide better customer service and lower rates than our nationally based competitors.

Over the years we have cultivated our niche markets by providing quality, high-speed internet service to primarily small and medium-sized businesses. However, our network is by no means "small". We have plenty of rack space and diverse geographic locations with our Data Centers in Chicago, Oakbrook, and Naperville. Our Cisco powered network offers the highest available bandwidth possible . Whether you are looking for DSL, T1, or DS3 we have ample bandwidth to meet your needs.


RCFnet offers a more personal approach to customer service. All T1 level service and above is both Managed and Monitored. Our customer service team tests every internet connection at 5 minute intervals 24/7. RFCnet is focused on providing high quality "Bandwidth where you need it"!

RFCnet, Inc.